New Brands on the site! Mattel & Casio

Written by Consolevariations - Apr 29, 2022
Consolevariations is growing!

After asking the community which brands they wanted on the site, they told us Mattel and Casio,

So.. we did!

The goal is to have all the Hardware on the site created by Mattel and Casio!

Like the awesome Intellivision!

And the very rare Keyboard Component

keyboard-component-front-1651095421-99.jpg 470.4 KB

But Also our community loves the Loopy

So I guess we have to add the Loopy as well! including a very rare B set!

loopy-sv-100set-b-front-1651009466-17.jpg 661.03 KB

This and more are availible to check in the all Casio Variations
and Mattel Variations

If there is something missing, don't hesitate to upload a new variation via the site :)