Every Nintendo Wii Console Variation - Complete Color List

Written by Frederic Fischer - Apr 19, 2021

All Nintendo Wii Console Variations

This list covers all Nintendo Wii console variations ever officially released or licensed by Nintendo worldwide. We consider a console variation a unique colored console regardless of its box or packaging. This means we are only looking at the standalone consoles in this list.

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1. Nintendo Wii White Console

  • The white Wii was the original release version
  • It was first released in America on 19.11.2006
  • Later in Japan (02.12.2006), Europe (08.12.2006) and worldwide
  • (Click on regions to see more details)
  • More than 10.000.000 units were made (white)
  • Standard White Console with a white Wii-mote & Nun-chuck
  • This was the consoles launch color

2. Nintendo Wii Black Console

  • Later a black console with a back Wii-mote and Nun-chuck was released
  • The Wii was available stand alone or bundled with Wii Sports
  • It was released worldwide (Click on regions to see more details)

3. Nintendo Wii Family Edition (Black & White)

  • This second model was the RVL-101 with no GameCube functionality
  • Controller ports and memory card slots have been removed
  • This is the black version, it was also released in white
  • The console was meant to be positioned horizontally (evidenced by the Wii logo and other text on the console)
  • It was released worldwide (Click on regions to see more details)

4. Nintendo Wii Mini Console

  • The Wii Mini also takes a spot in this list, since it is basically a Wii with a different design and fewer functionality
  • It was only released in North America and Europe, surprisingly not in Japan
  • (Click on regions to see more details)
  • Red/black slimmed down Wii console with red Wii-mote and nun-chuck
  • First came out in Canada and Europe, then US
  • This Wii had no internet access and no SD card slot

5. Nintendo Wii Light Blue Console

  • This Limited Edition came in light blue with matching Wii-Mote and Nun-Chuck
  • Released in North America, Europe and Australia (Click on regions to see more details)

6. Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Bundle

  • This red Wii was released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.
  • It was released in North America and Europe (Click on regions to see more details)
  • It was also a Limited Edition
  • Bundled with the game New Super Mario Bros Wii

7. Nintendo Wii The Art of Wii Console

  • Next up is the first console licensed by Nintendo
  • Released in Canada
  • 6 of these variations were made you can find them all HERE
  • Contest prize and Limited Edition
  • The "Art of Wii" was a Canadian contest in which 6 one of a kind Wii consoles were given away
  • This model was created by: Gary Taxali

8. Nintendo Wii PAX 2008 Console

  • Licensed by Nintendo
  • Released in United States
  • It is estimated that between 1 and 50 of this variation were made
  • Limited Edition and lottery prize
  • Give away of PAX 2008
  • See all the info HERE

9. Nintendo Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl Console 

Quick Facts:
  • Wii console decorated by Crystal Icing
  • It was the grand prize of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl American Circuit, a tournament circuit hosted by Nintendo of America shortly before the launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Official prize release by Nintendo
  • The console was valued at US$4,000 at the time
  • Its current owner is unknown
  • All info HERE

10. Nintendo Wii ATI Wii did it Console

Quick Facts:
  • Technically this was rather a give away than a release, however it was made officially by Nintendo and given out to members of the production team who made the ATI card for the Nintendo Wii
  • Console from North America
  • White colored console with text "Wii did it!!"
  • It is estimated that less than 50 of these versions exist worldwide
  • All info HERE

Honorable Mention:

The Queens golden Nintendo Wii 24k Gold Royal Console
Nintendo Wii 24k Gold Royal Wii Console

Quick Facts
  • Likely the most famous Wii console on the planet
  • It was given to Buckingham Palace as part of a marketing stunt by THQ to promote BIG Family Games
  • Released in United Kingdom
  • Only a single unit was made
  • Console is made out of 24K plated gold
  • All The infos HERE

Current Count: 10 

Although the Nintendo Wii was sold over 100 Million times in total in belongs to the systems with the least amount of limited editions ever. There are many unlicensed releases that you can all check out in our database. These were alle the official or officially licensed ones

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