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29 april 2022 , door Consolevariations New Brands on the site! Mattel & Casio

New Brands on the site! Mattel & Casio

Consolevariations is growing!

After asking the community which brands they wanted on the site, they told us Mattel and Casio,

So.. we did!

The goal is to have all the Hardware on the site created by Mattel and Casio!

Like the awesome



Mattel Intellivision Console
Mattel Intellivision Console

And the very rare

Keyboard Component

keyboard-component-front-1651095421-99.jpg 470.4 KB
keyboard-component-front-1651095421-99.jpg 470.4 KB

But Also our community loves the Loopy

So I guess we have to

add the Loopy

as well! including a very rare B set!

loopy-sv-100set-b-front-1651009466-17.jpg 661.03 KB
loopy-sv-100set-b-front-1651009466-17.jpg 661.03 KB

This and more are availible to check in the all Casio Variations
and Mattel Variations

If there is something missing, don't hesitate to upload a new variation via the site :)


This comment has been deleted.
Could you add an "Other" section for companies who really only made 1 video game system, like Apple's Pippin or Nokia's N-Gage?
I agree but the Pippin is already in the Bandai category.
Yeah, but it was also an Apple product, as it’s main selling point was A. It was a full-on Macintosh, and B. You could play Pippin games on a normal Mac, and vice versa I think.
Commodore and maybe Coleco would be good additions, also an other section is very needed for consoles like the N-Gage, VIS, Vectrex, FM Towns Marty, Super A'can, CPS Changer, Nuon and more
I remember seeing a comment on a video with every single console startup that said: I play Xbox I play Playstation I play FM Towns Marty. Also you forgot the Video Challenger and the Action Max, both 1987 systems that used VHS tapes as the game cartridges.
more consoles the better.


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