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Sony PlayStation 2 Need for Speed Most Wanted console

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Additional details

  • Flag for country code de Germany
Release Type Unlicensed
Amount Produced Exact 1
Region Code PAL
Limited Edition Contest Prize
Color Silver, Blue
Is Bundle Yes

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  •  PlayStation 2 Need for speed most wanted console was made by the Spiritplayers special for Electronic Arts games to promote there game at the games convention in Leipzig 2006
  • Bundled with 2 controllers, Need for Speed Most Wanted, a remote control, and 2 keys for the car,
  • The keys were used to actually turn on the console



I don't really like NSF, but I have to admit, it's art

👍 4

A thing of beauty!

Source for pictures and information:

👍 3
😍 3

Isn't inside the motherboard from slimline version?

👍 1

greatest system on the site

👍 2

100% would give 1000€ no questions asked rn for this

👍 2

Pls do more of it i will have one of theese

They (CV, if you're refering to.) didn't make it, and even if they did, it'd be a tedious process. Also, only one has been ever made. You'd have better luck finding a normal model.


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So goofy, yet amazing at the same time. Everyone would love and be jealous of you if you won this.

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