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11 augustus 2017 , door Consolevariations 5TH DAY : NINTENDO DS LITE POKEMON DAISUKI CLUB


For the 5th day of the Pokmon week , we will take a look at the Nintendo Ds lite Pokmon Daisuki Club !

Released in 2008 ( contest december 2017) for the Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig ( you can see them boxed on the pictures and more details bellow ).

You had to be a member of the Fan Club Pokmon ( Pokmon Daisuki Club ) and play some games on the official website and apply for the system that you want to !

You could also play a mini game on the Mobile phone and apply too .

A total of 40 Made of each system were created ( 25 on PC and 15 on the Mobile phone ) .

Let's talk about the other Nintendo Ds lite Pikachu Daisuki club 2006!

Unfortunately "Pokmaniak collection" is still looking for the same system but boxed , they are extremely rare !

This one was available through the Pokmon Daisuki Club and 150 systems were created with the old Logo on the Fan Club Pokmon .

You could play the mini games on July 2006 and get a chance to win this very rare system!

I'll see you tomorrow and have a nice week-end !

DS Like Pikachu
DS Like Pikachu
All the Daisuki
All the Daisuki



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