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19 April 2017 , by Consolevariations 5 Nintendo 64 Prototypes colours discovered!

5 Nintendo 64 Prototypes colours discovered!

Instagram user that goes by the name @Retro_Hoarder found one amazing lot of not 1, but 5 Nintendo 64 Prototype consoles and controllers! Below is the story he wants to share with us:

Its probably best if I give provide the back story on why these prototypes were made and where they came from. The prototype consoles, as well as the Clear White/Atomic Purple console you have all seen, originally came from Nintendo of Europe, based in Germany. Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America are allowed to operate freely and try new things with all final decisions made by Nintendo Company Limited based in Japan (at least this was the case at the time). NoE created these prototypes as part of a colour survey before the Funtastic range was released. The marketing department conducted the survey and the colours that were deemed to work best together, as a set, became the Funstastic series we know and love today. As these prototypes are fully working (Ive tested them all) they werent immediately destroyed but instead were used in the marketing department as working consoles and used to take screen shots, test games, etc. and just generally used for day to day work. Towards the end of the N64 lifespan this marketing team was absorbed by another department and at that time the prototypes were either destroyed or in some cases, like this, saved by the employees who used to work on them! This is really interesting as my friend doesnt know the numbers that were originally made or how many were saved in total (Not many though). My friend knew of the Clear White/Atomic Purple and also knows of 2 other consoles that were definitely saved; the Clear White and also Clear Milky Blue to go with the controllers I purchased.

How can you tell they're prototypes?

Well firstly you can tell because the colours are all different to the known variants that are out there (see further down for all the pictures). Secondly, all the prototypes that were released have Grey game cartridge flaps on the consoles. The consoles also do not have any tags/serial numbers on the underside as they were not production consoles. I have closely examined the consoles and pads and apart from this they are identical in shape and features to the production consoles. The Controllers are also identical to their production counterparts except for the Plug end pieces which are all Grey, except for the Clear White which has an Atomic Purple plug. This again is obviously because they were for a colour survey and there was no need to spend money to create matching end pieces.

How has all this come about?

I first met my friend (the original owner) over a year ago when I purchased a Majoras Mask Adventure set from them. At the time they sent me the below picture of a box full of N64 consoles. I didnt think anything of it back then as I just focused on the consoles which looked familiar and completely over-looked the others (the obvious Clear Pink and Clear Ocean Blue!)

In the first package that came through I received the Clear Ocean Blue console with matching pad, as well as the Clear White and Clear Milky Blue Controllers. I took this pic of them all together with the Grape Purple to compare to.

knew at this point that I had something special and so contacted my friend to thank them and buy the remaining four consoles, 1 with matching controller. Amazingly they contacted me again today to let me know they had found the Red controller to go with the Red Prototype console and that is now on its way so I can complete the set!! This brings us to today when the remaining consoles and pads finally arrived and I can now share with all of you. Enjoy the Photos!!

The colors of these consoles/controllers are named the following:

Ocean-blue, Clear-Grass-Green , Clear-White, Milky-Blue, Clear-Deep-Red and Atomic-Purple


i love the blue color


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