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02 July 2019 , by Consolevariations Top 5 discolored & sunfaded Consoles

Top 5 discolored & sunfaded Consoles

Today we are looking at discolored consoles. Although they seem to be every collectors nightmare some of them are actually quite beautiful in their own way.

QUIZ Question: Can you tell which color Gameboy this is? We will reveal the color at the end of this blog post. Im sure youll be surprised.

Which color did this Gameboy have originally?
Which color did this Gameboy have originally?

5. SNES Super Set

Not much to say about this one really. Just that it spend a little too much time in the sun :)

Sunfaded SNES Super Set
Sunfaded SNES Super Set

4. Nintendo 64 Pikachu Orange

From orange to yellow the word yellowing gets an entire new meaning with this one of a kind sunfade.

Sunfaded N64 Pikachu Orange
Sunfaded N64 Pikachu Orange

3. Nintendo Virtual Boy

Virtually turned from a red to the black and white version.

Sunfaded Nintendo Virtual Boy
Sunfaded Nintendo Virtual Boy

2. Pokemon Mini Pink Edition

This one is truly unique it actually faded from pink into gold. Some fans wish that this color had actually existed.

Discolored Pokemon Mini Pink Edition
Discolored Pokemon Mini Pink Edition

1. N64 Clear Red / White

This was once a clear red / white console and transformed into a completely new console. It actually looks like a completely new translucent variation. We call it the N64 Ghost Edition (Only 1 made :D)

The N64 "Ghost Edition"
The N64 "Ghost Edition"

Quiz Image

Remember the Gameboy Color from our Quiz image? It is indeed the Gameboy Color Lime Green Edition. Congrats if you recognized it!

Gameboy Color Lime Green before sunfade
Gameboy Color Lime Green before sunfade


I don't know where to ask this but do you guys in the future plan to make a similar website detailing games instead of consoles?
Hi Fangcat! Yes, games are planned and will be on the site eventually. However, we are still encountering some bugs and issues on the website since we just launched a few months ago. We want to focus on a better user experience first and then implement all the games. So it will take some time.
Will this only include a page for the game alone, or will there also be pages for different regional version and rereleases (Players Choice, Greatest Hits, etc.)?
Everything :) however we are working on how to display it properly
Thanks, I also want to ask if PC games would be available? I know PC Variations are practically impossible, but it would add a lot more to the site. I also assume that it will only be physical games, but just to make sure will digital games be here?
It is very unlikely we will also do PC games in the future. But we'll leave that one open for now. Since CV is all about different variations we assume that we will not add digital games at all.
This comment has been deleted.
What a great memory these stuff brings into my mind. Those consoles used to be such a luxury for any kind. By the way, I do writing reviews with the


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