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09 August 2017 , by Consolevariations 3rd DAY : GAME BOY ADVANCE & SP POKEMON CENTER


Hi everyone !

On our 3rd Day we will talk about the Game Boy Advance SP Pokmon ( and one GBA NY on the picture ).

On the first picture we can see 6 limited editions of the GBA SP ( Kyogre, Groudon , Charizard, Venusaur, Pikachu Torchic ) , they were all released in the Pokmon Center of New York which closed more than 10 years ago and now is inside the Nintendo World Store !

BUT the Pikachu wasn't released there but in a shop name TOYS R US in USA and Canada !

All of them were quite limited and don t appear that much on Ebay or other websites , they are quite expensive right now !

The GBA New York version was also released in the Pokmon Center of New York for its Opening in 2001!

The last GBA SP pack on the picture is the Emerald Super Pack which was released only in Canada and very very rare!

The second picture is about the GBA SP Pokmon from Japan , all of them were only released at the Pokmon Centers of Japan for a limited time !

The Torchic version was released for the 5th anniversary of the Pokmon Centers !

Two of them are only 1000 made each ( Kyogre & Groudon ) and it makes them very expensive because many people want them.

In the last pack we can see the GBA SP Kyogre & Groudon from Europe with the game and a case , a very nice pack for any Pokmon fans !

I ll See you tomorrow !

Share us your impressions, pictures of your Pokmon collection !


ISO: this emerald super pak bundle. I got it for my birthday as a child and I'd love to add it to my collection. If anyone seeing this would consider selling one it would make my year/decade. I've been searching for years...


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