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10 August 2017 , by Consolevariations 4TH DAY : Nintendo 3DS LL Pokémon Battle Trozei Black & White edition

4TH DAY : Nintendo 3DS LL Pokémon Battle Trozei Black & White edition

On our 4th day , we will talk about two of the rarest system of the Pokmon Series !

The Nintendo 3DS LL (XL for Europe) Battle Trozei CoroCoro Comics was a lottery price available through the Magazine CoroCoro Comics of April 2014 .

You just needed to fill a form and send to the right adress and wait ( pray? ^^) to win one of the 5 MADE.

You can see a lot of Legendaries Pokmon and Starters from the Pokmon Games , this game is called " Pokmon Battle link " outside Japan and was only available in the e-Shop of the Nintendo 3DS.

An 6th system was made for the president of the Pokmon Company , we could see it on a video from Youtube.

The Nintendo 3DS LL Pokmon Battle Trozei Daisuki Club was available in April 2014 also through a lottery for the Daisuki Club members ( Fan club Pokmon ) , 2 could be won and 2 could be won also thanks to the Pokmon Get TV ( TV program on sunday ) .

4 MADE total for this Nintendo 3DS LL for some lucky winners or .. buyers ^^

See you tomorrow for our new blog post !


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