Xbox Series X - Pre Orders are Live!

Written by Frederic Fischer - Sep 22, 2020

As of now the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are available for pre order. 

Xbox Series X and S

Which version to decide on will be the big question for Xbox. In short the main differences are the optical drive and the overall performance. Who does not need the 4K experience can go for the 200$ cheaper Xbox Series S. However this is only a solution for users who already went completely digital with their game library since it does not have a drive.

Here is an overview of all the specs in detail

You can pre order both consoles here:

And since both consoles will likely be sold out in minutes it's always a smart move to check out early eBay prices when competition is still high among sellers. If you live in Europe you can even check if you find a better deal cross country.

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