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28 March 2021 , by Consolevariations New Xbox Series X Controllers announced!

New Xbox Series X Controllers

The New Xbox Series Controllers are called Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo

Electric Volt available on April 27. 2021
Daystrike available on May 04. 2021

Xbox Wireless Controller Daystrike Camo Special Edition

Daystrike Camo Controller
Daystrike Camo Controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller Daystrike Camo Special Edition is the third installment of the Camo series, following the Night Ops Camo and Arctic Camo Special Edition controllers. It is also the first of the latest generation of Xbox controllers.

Xbox Wireless Controller Electric Volt

Electric Volt Controller
Electric Volt Controller

Inspired by the energy and vibrance often found in athletic apparel and sneaker design, the Xbox Wireless Controller Electric Volt is the newest color in the current generation of Xbox controllers. Electric Volt builds on the same, striking color theme of Shock Blue and Pulse Red but takes it up a notch with a high-energy, yellow resin not yet seen on Xbox hardware

You can check out all Xbox Seeries X Controllers in our database!


That electric volt one is pretty sick
Yes, I agree :)
Some errors: "Xbox one Series X"? Okay. Not both of them will be released on April 27th. Daystrike realases on May 4th.
Thanks, I just fixed the errors 👍


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