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25 January 2023 , by Consolevariations The CV 3.0 upgrade is near! Lets take us back to 2015

The CV 3.0 upgrade is near! Lets take us back to 2015

2015 .. time flies. where it all began, the purchase of

It all started as an idea

What IF we can make a website with all console variations in the world.
We started at Nintendo 64, then all of the Nintendo, followed by Sony and Microsoft.
Boom! The website was made.

In 2016 we added Atari and Sega! and this was the home page of CV back then:

The birth of
The birth of

1 year later

We added Neo Geo

' Details page'  on the CV 1.0 website
' Details page' on the CV 1.0 website

Times flew by...

We got an insane feedback, featured on some big YouTube channels, posted on pages like Kotaku, Eurogamer and Gamerant. so it was time for an upgrade, a big one..

Because everything was done manually where, submissions were done by email. it was time to change and improve. Presenting

Consolevariations 2.0 aka CV 2.0!

Searching, collection, filters, " add variation" button details page, and even a rarity score that checks how rare an item is! and many options that you know today.
Also to start, we added Bandai as the first brand! It was a dream coming true. A community was grown!

Details page CV 2.5
Details page CV 2.5

But of course. it did not stop there,

Many MANY things happened in the time when we had this site running,

We got featured in People make Games, where we had obtained the Golden Wii, Kotaku wrote a sticky post about us, We worked together with Did You Know Gaming about the Rarest consoles! , we got featured at Scot the Woz, followed by Nick Robinson who took inspiration from the Mc Donalds DSi that made DYKG,
The Completionist, and many other content creators.

When we had the Golden Wii for sale back in 2022 , it changed everything.
interviews, Documentaries, press like BBC, Eurogamer, Yahoo, Business Wire, IGN, and even CNN called us for Q and A and where interested in Consolevariations

CV changed the way of collecting, it gave the world information which is exactly what we are doing, and this will always be our focus!

So yeah, we can say that we were quite busy! So busy in fact, we needed another large upgrade, but only just a little tweaking... oh no, we will improve everything! it is time, for MORE features and improvements!

Presenting: CV 3.0!

where to start.....
200+ new features, Adding new variations will be easier. Some brand new features that we can't talk about yet. (big suprise!)

As an example of what to expect, the search function will be perfectly optimized. That alone will have 10 features at least.
a sneak :

Searching will not only search consoles, but all other types!

Blog posts will be searchable as well!

WITHIN the database users can search for any specific item and it will only show what is filtered!

Also there will be a shortcut to start searching right away! (CTRL+K)

More features will be announced!

This is only the beginning what the new CV site will hold

The Collecting part will be more easier to manager and it will have some VERY useful functions. and an improved detail page with bigger pictures, more info and details

Details page of CV 3.0!
Details page of CV 3.0!

We would like to thank ALL of you for your support on Consolevariations!!!!
When it's a share, a contribution or just looking around, without you, this would never be possible.

Stay tuned for the next update :)


Looks great! Also, is that a user level higher than 50 I see?
TWO HUNDRED?!?! ...So this is basically consolevariations Platinum Version? (IDK If I'll be able to find all 200+ new features...)
I kinda like the old dark navy color better. The new is nice, just feels like the Mercari website :/
Ideas: Add Tiger brand, Add Miscellaneous Brand, Add "Is not bundle" button to database.
And maybe add Commodore too
How about coleco and intellivision
We have mattel, but coleco is a good idea
any other brands you can think of?
I don't know if they should even be on this site but maybe a clones category for the many "famiclones" that exist and polystations, but this might open up a huge can of worms.
plug and play consoles would be pretty cool
A lot of the famiclones are already in the famicom catagory
This comment has been deleted.
Add different colored themes kind of like google (red,blue,green,etc).
A dark mode would be incredible.
I was going to suggest it for 3.0 but I already noticed the dark mode option on the latest 3.0 screenshot (the moon icon next to the notification bell on the right top of the screen) I use the Dark Reader extension to make all make pages in dark mode, so I'm using dark mode in the current version already.
looking forward to it.


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