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03 November 2017 , by Consolevariations Happy 1000th-Pokemon-Episode! Let's Celebrate with a Rare Pikachu Console!

Happy 1000th-Pokemon-Episode! Let's Celebrate with a Rare Pikachu Console!

Hi everyone, tomorrow would be a special day, something about your childhood! It s gonna be the 1000th episode of the Pokemon anime series and on CV we have thought that would be a perfect timing to talk about a very rare Pokmon console that is owned by Pokemaniak Collection!

In Japan there is a fan club Pokmon (also called Pokmon Daisuki club in Japan) anyone can be a member, you just need to have a Japanese address and subscribe online. In 2006 few months after the release of the Nintendo DS lite in Japan, the Pokmon Daisuki club organized a contest for the members, they created 150 Nintendo ds lite Pikachu edition!!

As you can see below, on the front of the box a Pikachu and on the back many Pikachu. You could apply for the contest by playing some mini games on PC and the choose the prize that you want to Apply on September 2006. Members could win their consoles around he end of that year.

Contest was is in December but it took 2 months to receive the gift Pokemaniak was extremely lucky to receive one with a special date! the 29th of February!

How about more?? Well... The Pokmon Daisuki club organized a second contest with 4 different systems in the end of December 2007. Each of them are 40 made in the world! You had to play also some mini games on PC (25 of each consoles) and mobile phones (15 of each consoles).

The 4 systems are the Hikozaru, Naetoru, Pochama and Pikachu edition. They all have 4 faces of the related Pokmon with the new Pokmon Daisuki club logo (old one was on the Daisuki Pikachu ds lite in 2006). Since then, the Pokmon Daisuki club organized a contest for a Nintendo 3ds ll battle trozei (2 made with that website) but.... That s an other story!

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