The Exhibition of Gamescom 2016-2022

Written by Consolevariations - Sep 16, 2022

The Exhibition of Gamescom 2016-2022

It's a late post, but we were invited again for Gamescom!
This is our 5th invite on a row and more (events) to come! Every year we have something unique to show and here are all the gamescom events we did so far:

On Gamescom 2022 we displayed some amazing Nintendo Switch Consoles and it has all the controllers and accessories, including a Tabletop Kiosk from China!

Switches at Gamescom 2022

in 2020 and 2021 Gamescom were online only during the pandemic, because we are a online museum, we want to showcase our hardware for others to actually look at, so we skipped them.

in 2019 we introduced on the site that we did more than just controllers, we also added most of the regions as well! So to show this, on gamescom 2019 we showed all Nintendo 64 controllers from all languages around the world! Including a very rare Nintendo 64 controller from Taiwan and the all famous Nintendo 64 E3 Controller

N64 Controllers at Gamescom 2019

in 2018 was the most successful GamesCom yet, We showcased all the Nintendo GameCube items! To spice things up we also had a lot of development kits and also some GameCube Prototype Controllers sneaked in.

GameCubes at Gamescom 2018

2017 we invited our good friend and super high end collector Pokemaniak and asked him to showcase his insane collection with more then 100 unique pokemon consoles! some of them are less then 5 made in the world.

Pokemon at Gamescom 2017

The first invite was in 2016 where we wanted to go BIG, we had 5 display cabinets to fill and we went all in with all unique Nintendo 64 consoles ever made including all the unique controllers!
It's also the first time ever the ANA console + Shippingbox got shown to the public

Nintendo 64 at Gamescom 2016

What could be next?

Several events were inviting us for other events, like OLL 2022 and this year we have another smaller event planned which is still a surprise.
in 2023 we also have a 2 huge gaming events planned so stay tuned!