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06 oktober 2017 , door Consolevariations Top 5 Mega Drive Packaging Variations!

Top 5 Mega Drive Packaging Variations!

We had alot of Sony and Xbox variations and no attention to Sega..

Let's change that!

Below we have our manually selected of the top 5 best Mega Drive Package Variation boxes!

On this top 5 we are looking at the art, the bundles, the quality on how it's made and what is included!

Next week we will have the top 5 of other consoles to show

Let's get started:

#5: Sega Mega Drive II: Power Rangers The Movie

Solid black box, with the 6 power rangers on there. simple design.. yet if we saw this in the stores we would instantly buy this!

#4: Sega Megadrive II: Virtua Racing

One epic game for the Mega Drive! bundled in a full-racing-themed box. On the box, they even put the game in the system for you. the bottom also has a racing theme to it.

#3: Sega Megadrive: MEGA 7

Just to make this extra clear... you get 7 games with this pak! M E G A is spread in all corners of the box, the box art of the games are all around the box, a mega 7 in the middle.. with lots of background spikes going on.. *hype* This box was released in Spain

#2: Sega Megadrive II + Mega CD

Is this a Megadrive pak with a Mega CD? YES you do! only a few boxes of these are spotted in Australia, and it even was bundled with 2 games! The blue/white background looks like they took away the spiky-themed and gave us a relaxing background to calm down to all the auction what Sega did. Just a cherry on the top it also has the text "Welcome to the Next level" and " The Ultimate Experience in Gaming Technology" nothing can beat this... or can it?

#?: Honorable mentions: Sega MeGa Drive Disney Paks

Megadrives that has Disney games bundled made some amazing looking boxes. the artwork are custom, and they are beautifully made. they only came with the game or/and 2 controllers.

Not only they are awesome looking but they also are quite easy to get in the collecting market!

#1: Sega Megadrive II: Sonic Fun Pak

When you think about the Mega Drive.. we think about Sonic the Hedgehog! This sonic pak has everything you want and need. it has a bright full print image of Sonic/Tales and Dr Robotnik who looks sweaty and nervous on checking out that Mega Drive II! Not only this box is fancy looking. but it also came with 3 games! Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Sonic 1 and Sonic 2!

It's a cool detail that Sonic is holding the console, and Tales is holding the controller.

So these where our top 5 ! Anything you agree on? want to know what else is there ? Check out our Sega Mega Drive Variation page! or the Sega Mega Drive Package Variation page!


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i love the mega drive and the games more than on the snes at times


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