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26 October 2017 , by Consolevariations Top 5 most beautiful Dreamcast Consoles

Top 5 most beautiful Dreamcast Consoles

In the last few days, Microsoft and Sony got alot of attention due all the sweepstakes that was going on,

so to make it up to the Sega fans, here are the top 5 best looking Dreamcast Variations we have!

Our ranking is not only based on the looks of the console, but also the controller and the box!

Let's get started:

#5: Sega Dreamcast: Sakura Wars

On #5 we have the Sakura Wars , the print quality on the controller and console are really well made, the box is has a nice view to it and also the system comes with some nice extras!

#4: Sega Dreamcast: RX-78

We got to admit that the box is pretty boring, but all the attention goes to the console itself!

a Unique design where they played with the colors in a way that they look like the RX-78 Gundam figure!

#3: Sega Dreamcast: CODE: Veronica

This clear/Red console is a feast for the eye, it comes with a lot of extras, the box also has 'Veronica' on it, and some merchandise! the black front of the system itself is a nice touch and suites really well with the rest!

#2: Sega Dreamcast: Divers 2000 CX-1

Yes, we know that this is not a normal Dreamcast system but look at it! It is a TV.. in the shape of Sonic!

and not only that.. But you also get tons of extras! it's also one of the few consoles made where a TV is included!

#honorable mention: Sega Dreamcast: Hello Kitty

Quick Facts:

- Console released in Japan
- Clear/Blue and clear/pink Colored console with Hello Kitty on it
- bundled with a matching controller, VMU and keyboard, special Dream Passport

Before we hit the number one (don`t scroll down for the spoiler!) We have the honorable mention,

Hello Kitty. it has a cute looking box. The system is clear and it has a nice color to it, also they came with a keyboard and dream passport. We would not choose between the two so we picked both!

#1: Sega Dreamcast: Maziora Edition

Straight up, we think that the Maziora is the best looking dreamcast ever created, it has a chameleon color, from one corder the console is purple, and from the other side it's purple, truely magical.

It was a very smart move that they choose the exact color of the Maziora back in the days the Maziora logo on top of the system also has a very fancy glow to it.

These where our Top 5 consoles! Do you agree? Let us know!

Do know that on CV we have over 40 Dreamcasts variations! Click on our Dreamcast Console Variation page to sell all the dreamcasts!


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