ALL Xbox One Controllers ever made (Part 2)

Written by Consolevariations - Dec 10, 2019

All Xbox One Controllers

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Game Inspired Series 

A lot of game Inspired controllers were made over the years. The first one you maybe remembered was released on launch day! We are of course talking about the Titanfall Controller.

Xbox One Titanfall Controller

The developers of the game actually even put a weapon in Titanfall based on this controller, the C101.  Did you know that there was also a console made of Titanfall? It was an unreleased color and only 300 are made.

COD Advanced Warfare Controller

Next is the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Controller. The gold color was based on a candy-wrap. Little details on the controller like a kill-count and a smiley make this one really unique.

Master Chief Controllers

The Guardian controller resembles Master Chief's Armor with a very glossy D-pad similar to his visor. It's also laser cut based on Master Chief's suit. The Spartan controller is based on the "Blue team"

God of War Controller

In a game where blood is spilled everywhere it seems appropriate to design the controller in a similar manner. This controller surely nails it. It's a very messy design in a good way. And Lasercut everywhere, even the ABXY buttons!

Minecraft Controllers

2 versions were made. Creeper and Piggy. Both actually from different material! The Piggy uses a different and softer material and also has a little Easter-egg behind the battery cap. It's those little details that count in our opinion. Fun fact: Instead a carrot, they originally wanted to make a pork chop! But they decided against it because it did not pass on the right message.

Sea of Thieves Controller

This is the Carl's favorite controller. They spent a lot of time on the details of the Sea of Thieves controller! It was also confirmed  that 60.000 where made in total, making it pretty rare! The green design is based on the spirits in the game, the case is also a bit translucent. Even the skull lights up in the dark! It also has a gold color right trigger based on one of the "gold digger" characters in the game.

PUBG Controller

A controller that may not be known all too much is the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Controller. PUBG is one of the most played games in the world! PUBG is a battle Royal game, there is a small X hidden underneath the R trigger. It was also the first time a Xbox One controller had texture on the L/R Triggers.

Gears 5 Controller

The most recent one of the retail releases is the Gears 5 Controller. Inspired by the winter armor, this controller has all the designs  Xbox ever used for controllers merged into one. Laser cut, grips, texture, even a metal logo in the center. The game was released on September 10th 2019.

Elite Series Controllers

The best customizable controller for many. They are rechargeable and they just feel right. Microsoft calls it the "Pinnacle of Controllers" and they are right! We bet most people are familiar with the standard Elite controller, so here is just a special one.

Gears Elite Controller

The Gears Elite Controller was shipped with a lot of Easter Eggs (see picture below without the detachable D-pad). Microsoft also showed off some of the prototype D-pads,

Xbox One Gears Elite Controller

One was made to look like it was scratched on. The other was inspired by the Gears logo. However, they tested them and they where not comfortable, this is why they changed it in the end.

Xbox Elite 2 Controller announced!

After showing off all the Xbox One Controllers ever made Microsoft used the opportunity to announce the new Elite 2 Controller. A mix between the Xbox one S and the first Elite Controller with more functions like an adjustable tension of the thumb stick and the L/R buttons. Also the Xbox Elite 2 controller charges itself in the case!

Very Limited Controllers

This is where our eyes start to glow. Super rare unreleased stuff :). Controllers that were not available to the public, controllers that were given away for events/charity and special occasions. Here are all of them.

Xbox Addict Controller

Xboxaddict is a website dedicated to Xbox stuff as well as a great source to get news and info. Unfortunately the founder of the website passed away and Microsoft made 50 controllers they put up for sale on E3 to support Xboxaddict. A great story for a great cause. Check out the XboxAddict controller here.

X018 Controller

2018 was a great year for Xbox with a ton of things announced. On their own event X018 in New Mexico they gave away this X018 controller. We actually don't have that much info about it ... so let us know...

Xfest 2018 Controller

The Xfest 2018 Controller comes straight from Microsofts own Xfest event. These controllers where given out to people who contributed to Xbox with their passion in gaming. Only 200  units where made.

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