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30 October 2017 , by Consolevariations New consoles added: PS4 Slim and Xbox One S from NHL 2018

New consoles added: PS4 Slim and Xbox One S from NHL 2018

EA Sports are giving away a lot of custom consoles to promote their new NHL 2018 games for Xbox One S and PS4 Slim!

All are able to win on the EASports main website. and they both are One-of-a-kind

One of the PS4 that will be given away is from the Winnipeg Jets team, the blue PS4 comes with a unique controller. The winning bundle comes with 4 tickets to a Winnipeg game, and a autographed Jersey! the link to the contest is here!

This PS4 slims is our personal favorite, it is from the Toronto Maple Leaves! This system will be bundled with 2 tickets of the Maple Leafs on the Golden Knights in Las Vegas and an autographed Leafs Jersey! flights and hotel will be paid for! The link to the contest is here!

Now it's the turn of Xbox One S.. This one is from the Boston Bruins! Also this prize includes 4 tickets to a Bruins game, and a autographed Jersey! strangly enough these prizes are on the picture and not on the PS4!

This system is available here!

The next Xbox One is from the San Jose Sharks! Also this Xbox One comes with 2 tickets for the Sharks on the Golden Knights in Las Vegas but with 2 (!) autographed Jerseys! also this one, EA will pay the flight and hotel!The system is available here!

Last but not least, the Chicago Blackhawks! a bit confusing while the text say you get a custom Xbox One and the game, but on the picture you see a jersey and 2 tickets!

See the system here!

Thanks to these console we have 74 Xbox One S and 20 PlayStation 4 Slim Variations on the site!!


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