The Nintendo Gamecube MTV editions

Written by Consolevariations - Jun 11, 2017
 We all knew about the Nintendo GameCube MTV edition that looked like a wooden console, 
 We received and email and also did some own research on how many GameCubes MTV 
 Edition there are.. 

 in total there are 29 Limited Edition GameCubes given away from MTV during the Xmas Daily Broadcast in 2003! 
 (29 consoles, each day one console aside from 25 and 31st of December) 

 How did we know? The best one to to get the information from... directly from the creator of those systems! 

 All the GameCube had to be done in a hurry, timing was everything. The first GameCube that The creator made was a camouflaged console and MTV loved it so much, they wanted 9 of them!
Cammo MTV console

 That being said, the others where based on fashion/designers, called the Tom Ford and the Paul smith consoles. 

 and we also have a new picture of the other MTV console, this console is called the Canadian Maple console. it was the most famous one of the series 
Canadian Maple "Wood" MTV Console

Lastly there was the Snow White console, a nice white cube console with a blue logo on it, The creator called it "Mother of Pearl White" but MTV made Snow White of it. 
Mother of Pearl White MTV Console