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Nintendo GameCube MTV Canadian Maple Console

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  • Flag for country code de Germany - 2003
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 4
Region Code
Limited Edition
Color Brown
Is Bundle

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  • Given away during the December daily MTV broadcasting shows on MTV Radio in 2003
  • All the GameCubes made for MTV were Jet Black before they were sprayed.
  • Made by Airbrush Base Hamburg



It really is sad that I’ll probably never have this cool-looking GameCube. Sadness aside, I wonder if any one person of the 5 people who own this GameCube or any other MTV GameCube who aren’t lying would be willing to give it up, to sell it. It’s just a dream, though, nobody would ever give up their MTV GameCube. So sad.
Don't give up! We manage to get the MTV gamecubes. But I'm sure one day someone will have one for sale! If you have any questions please contact us via discord ^^
my sadness aside, it’s really suspicious that 7 other people somehow managed to get a gamecube that only 5 were made of, possibly only 3 still out in the wild, also that everyone Who “owns” it also knows about this website, also also that as far as I’m aware, they don’t have any pictures of it in their profile, also also also that most of the people who “own” it still have the default profile and haven’t changed it like an actually serious collector would have at the point that they owned this.
It's easy to lie.
people can claim they own any console on this site without providing proof, IMO most of them are probably lying.

hey! I actually do own one of the mother of pearl white. I just found out its worth something 😅 Never knew what its actually worth. if anyone could help me to value it, I might be willing to let it go 🤗✌🏽

btw i requested to put a pic of mine in the mother of pearl white thread. Any help is appriciated!



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