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Nintendo GameCube MTV Tom Ford Console

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you 25 people want this
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you 11 people own this

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  • Flag for country code de Germany - 2003
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 4
Region Code
Limited Edition
Color Brown, Yellow
Is Bundle

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  • Given away during the December daily MTV broadcasting shows on MTV Radio in 2003
  • Inspired by Tom Ford's brand, Gucci
  • Made by Airbrush Base Hamburg



How can 2 people own this if only 1 was made?!
Some users add consoles into their collection even if they don't have it... But I don't know why
They're just doing that to grind XP even though there's no point
True, I forgot about this
Yeah it's really annoying that they do that. I once accidentally added two NES systems to my collection, so now I'm stuck with a "own two NES consoles" achievement, though i do plan on getting more than one NES.
If they're not gonna be honest about what they've got, then they shouldn't be on this site, simple as that.

I dont get it, now it days there was 5 made but 9 people own it. Not sure how the Rarity score is calcualted wither as i have a similar one that is only 95% rarity lol

We are keeping an eye on this. However, it remains a system of trust and gladly 99% of users respect this. There will always be a few black sheeps but rest assured that it is impossible to gain max level by doing this. The system was designed in a way that scores 30+ are only possible by contributing to the community. And we already have a few level 50 :)
just wondering is it possible to make it so that if there is a 1 of 1 console they have to upload a original photo of it before clamming to own it
👍 1

What unknown says should happen, how to you work out the difference in rarity score when there are a few of these conolses painted that only have 1 to 5 made some are 100% rare and others 95% even though less people have the 95% rare ones, sorry jsut curious? lol


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