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Nintendo Game Boy DMG-04 Interactive Play-Cable [JP]

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  • Flag for country code jp Japan
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Between 50k - 100k
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Region Free
Limited Edition
Color Black
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  •   The Game Boy Classic is equipped with multi-player functionality for up to 4 players. The interactive game link cable (DMG-04) allows to directly connect two consoles.   To reduce electromagnetic interference, Nintendo developed a revised version (diplayed here with a better shielded cable and sold it under the designation DMG-04A.
  • For more players an additional 4-player adapter (DMG-07) is needed. Most Game Boys were sold in a bundle with Tetris. Therefore it is no big surprise that is was the most beloved multi-player game for this console. The cable is only compatible with the Game Boy Classic. To connect the Game Boy Classic with later models, the Universal Link cable (CGB-003) in combination with the DMG-14 adapter is required.
  • Product Code: DMG-04
  • Version: Unshielded Version



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