Written by Consolevariations - Aug 08, 2017

On our second day, we will talk about the very rare Game Boy Color Pokémon from Taïwan and Hong Kong.

The Green & White Game Boy Color from Taïwan was sold in 1999 and was the only Pokémon system available in this country.

Taïwan is a democracy since many years now and not a part of China (not officially ^^ but i love Taïwan and i support them ! ) , so Nintendo has released this system very easily but in a limited quantity.

Japan and Taïwan are allies since many years and Nintendo is a company which sold Nintendo 64 , very few Game Boy Games & consoles there.

The Blue & White GameBoy Color from Hong Kong was sold in 1999 and was also the only Pokémon system available in this country.

MANI LIMITED was the company which was responsable for the distributions and sales because as a part of China, Hong Kong couldn't control anything and China's policy was very strict and under control.

Two pretty systems , very limited , most wanted by many collectors and very expensive when they appear on auction's website.

Do you own one of them? what are your thought about them?

please let us know in the comments

See you tomorrow