New GameBoy Pocket and Color systems discovered!

Written by Consolevariations - Jan 02, 2017

During a business meeting (will tell more about the trip later on) we discovered 3 new GameBoy variats in some old Japanese megazines and 3 more GameBoy Color systems that we know for sure how many are made!

Below is a collage of all the pictures that we have discovered! On the Nintendo page, we have more details about where they come from and with high quality pictures!

GameBoy Color King Yamazaki: 100 made

GameBoy Color CoroCoro 10th Anniversary: 400 made (now confirmed)

GameBoy Pocket Super B-Daman: Unknown how many are made

GameBoy Color ANA: 4000 Made (now confirmed)

GameBoy Color Panasonic Arkaline: 3000 made (now confirmed)

GameBoy Color Super B-Daman: 3 Made

In total consolevariations has 33 GameBoy Pocket and 54 GameBoy Color variations!