The Zelda OLED Switch is real! And we already had our hands on it!

Written by Consolevariations - Mar 28, 2023
After a long wait the Zelda OLED Switch is finally on it's way! And we happen to have detailed images of it!

Although it's not Breath of the Wild as expected, the sequel Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now getting its very own limited edition.
The console is set to be released on 28th of April , we got to see one early and here are some detailed pictures on how it looks:

We already have it on the site, but this is the first time we had our hands on it.


The box looks as shown ealier, solid OLED with the console/dock on it, these pictures were recently discovered. Some minor changes were made like to the Dock.

The Inside:

Opening the box you can see the beautiful console with the gold/green themed Joy-cons
Box opening Zelda Switch


Lets have a close look on the Joy-Cons
The Joy-cons have some Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom elements, the colors are gold/green and gold/white. The back of the Joy-Cons is white with some icons related to Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Straps are white and gold. It looks awesome.


The OLED console has a really nice patern on the back, it's in the same style as the Splatoon 3 and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet OLED Switches. The circles likely represent some elements which are in the game.

Zelda OLED Switch from the Back

This looks the best in our opinion and is the most detailed part of the bundle.
The dock has a Triforce in the middle with some Tears of the Kingdom elements around it, it's extremely detailed. Even the back has the same elements on it with some additional details. They reflect beautifully when the light is shining on it.

Zelda OLED Dock from the Front

Zelda OLED Dock from the Front

Putting them together to create one masterpiece of a console, the combination between colors is something to get used too, but they synergize very well we cannot wait to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!
Switch + Dock with low light

The whole package

This might be the last post before we migrade to the New site! the Alpha is starting very soon, thank you for your patience and see you then! :)