The GBA SP From the Kids Choice Awards 2003

Written by Consolevariations - Aug 02, 2017

Today we have something special to show you! a Game Boy Advance SP from the

Kid's Choice Awards 2003!

The Game Boy itself was not special, just a silver console. The box and the extra's that came with it are very special!

On the Game Boy it say the following:
1) Turn the Game Boy on using the Power Switch
2) At the "e-reader" screen press A
3) Use the Direction Pad to select the "ACCESS SAVED DATA" Option
4) Press A
5) Play the Kids' Choice Congratulations game. Use the Direction Pad to move up and down and the A button to boost forward. Collect all of the icons and avoid the globs of slime.
6) Start working on your acceptance speech

The information the owner provided was :

"You had to play a game on the official website to enter to win this GBA SP

If you won, they took in your info and send a (very well made) box with an GBA SP, an E-reader and a custom game card to play on!

To win the ultimate prize, you had to play that Nickelodeon e-reader game to get a better score then the other contestants who also won this GBA SP! The high score winner was then awarded VIP backstage access to the 2003 Kids Choice Awards!"

We don`t know how many of those GBA SP exist, but this is so far the only one we have seen!

 picture of the game card:

Brandon Denman

please ask permission to use his pictures

for any reasons