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02 August 2017 , by Consolevariations The GBA SP From the Kids Choice Awards 2003

The GBA SP From the Kids Choice Awards 2003

Today we have something special to show you! a Game Boy Advance SP from the

Kid's Choice Awards 2003!

The Game Boy itself was not special, just a silver console. The box and the extra's that came with it are very special!

On the Game Boy it say the following:
1) Turn the Game Boy on using the Power Switch
2) At the "e-reader" screen press A
3) Use the Direction Pad to select the "ACCESS SAVED DATA" Option
4) Press A
5) Play the Kids' Choice Congratulations game. Use the Direction Pad to move up and down and the A button to boost forward. Collect all of the icons and avoid the globs of slime.
6) Start working on your acceptance speech

The information the owner provided was :

"You had to play a game on the official website to enter to win this GBA SP

If you won, they took in your info and send a (very well made) box with an GBA SP, an E-reader and a custom game card to play on!

To win the ultimate prize, you had to play that Nickelodeon e-reader game to get a better score then the other contestants who also won this GBA SP! The high score winner was then awarded VIP backstage access to the 2003 Kids Choice Awards!"

We don`t know how many of those GBA SP exist, but this is so far the only one we have seen!

picture of the game card:

Brandon Denman

please ask permission to use his pictures

for any reasons


Dumb question, but can you copy the ereader card? like make a "repro" card? that would be awesome
Sorry we missed your comment. Not entirely sure if this is possible, first thought is yes. However, we do not really like repros since they negatively influence the market of original games and consoles.


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