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25 March 2019 , by Consolevariations The all new is now live!

The all new is now live!

A new collectors website is born

We made it! After 14 months of development and many challenges we are ready to present our brand new updated website to you today!

New Landing Page Design
New Landing Page Design

Our goal was to create a site where collectors and console enthusiasts feel at home, showing off the beauty of all variations in a clear & structured overview. But at the same time taking into account the specific demands an online collecting database should have. Before getting into any more detail we would like to continue this news post in a format most gamers should know - so feel free to check out the entire change log below.

The Change Log


It is now possible to create your own account and database your personal collection

It is now possible to submit variations directly through the website interface

It is now possible to add consoles, controllers, accessories, kiosks & prototypes

It is now possible to add 3rd party (unofficial) items

A notification system has been added

A rarity score has been added taking into account criteria to determine rarity like never before

It is now possible to follow other users and be followed by them

An exiting achievement & leveling system has been added

It is now possible to style and create your own game room (including your holy grails)

It is now possible to compare your collection with other users in an clear overview

Our landing page now shows a "console of the day" to inspire you

Much more...


Every variation now has a details page with even more information

A search functionality has been added

You can now select between grid and list view

A new filter system has been added to specify in even more detail

A commenting system has been added to discuss each variation

You are now able to rate any variation

It is now possible to filter by type

It is now possible to filter by brand

It is now possible to filter by platform

It is now possible to filter by release type

It is now possible to filter by region code

It is now possible to filter by color

It is now possible to filter by release region / country

It is now possible to filter bundles / packs

New database layout with search and filter system
New database layout with search and filter system

Modify your own collection

Your collection

You can now add any variation to your personal collection

You can modify the state your console as in: loose, near complete or CIB)

You can adjust the amount you paid for each console (always private)

Your wishlist

You can now add any variation to your wishlist

You can adjust the amount you are willing to pay for example for a console (always private)

If selected: consolevariations can notify you if the console on your wishlist is for sale somewhere

Jump right in & enjoy

The new website is best experienced by browsing through it and discovering all the new possibilities. We invite you to create an account and start the all new collecting experience now!

Your team


When did this change first go up? Actual date?
The first version of the new site was deployed 2 days ago (26th March). To ensure best user experience we are waiting to announce it ensuring everything is running smoothly.
Thanks. Exited to be here!
Great work. Obviously this is a big step forward but I'd be wary of the ways in which this site is now less functional for the casual viewer of this site, which is probably the majority of hits: - There's no page that lists the actual console variations -- box variations are mixed in by default (it's a bit odd that a website called 'Console Variations' is missing the ability to view JUST the console variations) - Toggling the checkboxes and so on in the side filter do not update the URL, as such there's no way to link to a list of unique controller variations for example. - Similar to the above, the google search term for 'N64 Controller Variations' used to have a very handy result with your website showing just the relevant information, now that's redirecting to everything and the user must change the selection in the filter menu. - The sorting is not good, the item at the top of the N64 console variations is the ANA Nippon Airlines variation, almost nobody collects for this, there should be a moderator controlled sort for at least the most common items. - All the info used to be on one page, now you have to go to page 2 after only 24 results are shown. If you can't implement infinite scroll at least show a better default like 200 items. An example of how these problems combine, imagine a user wants to look up N64 controller variations to see what the "atomic" purple controller is called. Previously they searched on Google: 'N64 Controller Variations', and with one click to your site it was right there as one of the top items. Now they'd have to search that on Google, change the config value in the left column for controllers, then go to page 2! With this new site I think they'd give up before finding it. It's probably easier to find the answer by searching in eBay now. PS: your blog is removing newlines making the formatting of the comment all run on one line.
Hello GreasePig. Thank you for your feedback. When relaunching a new site (replacing an existing one) it is likely the overall biggest challenge to address all needs of every user. You addressed some very good points that certainly have room for improvement. We are aware that we need some kind of "base models system" to only view the console variations without showing the entire list and this is already work in progress / The URL topic is something we have to look into / The filter & sort system has many capabilities that can be adjusted over time (Did you see you can set the shown variations to 48 or choose grid view to see more?) / The best flow in the "Atomic Purple" example is to use the search integrated in the site and you'll find it right away - time will tell if casual viewers adapt to this or improvements are needed. We just started deploying the changes so bear with us a little while, it's hard to go in to real detail now. We need some time to see how things develop before deciding on changes or making final statements. However, we are thankful for every feedback we get and this was useful input. Kind Regards. The CV Team
Fantastic job! I agree with a lot of GreasePig’s points. Especially how the actual variations are mixed with the box variations however, it’s good to hear that the team is open to feedback and is working on improvements behind the scenes. Overall, I’m personally mostly pleased with the new site and am looking forward to contributing a lot to it now and in the years to come as well! Congratulations on the site rework launch, CV team!
Exactly this. I have a few systems that I simply couldn't add because I have no idea whether it came in a bundle or standalone. My Dreamcast I couldn't add either, the closest option was the European box. I was thinking of writing a comment addressing the console vs box issue so I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a problem with this. In an ideal situation packaging should be it's own category alongside consoles, controllers and accessories. :-)
Same. Took me a while to find my Wii, because I had to go look for where I put the box just to find out which box I had, it would definitely be easier to look just for the console at times like this.
Is there an area to see the recent additions to the database? I enjoyed being able to see all the new additions to the site in one thread/page. Overall it is a really nice change, I love how it's seemingly more streamlined.
I enjoy them as well! The new additions are on the home page. Its under the Console of the Day here is a link
This comment has been deleted.
Holy cow is this site a mess to navigate now. Boxes, systems, controllers, and faceplates mixed together? Sorted by "rarity"? If it makes sense to your "real" users I guess that's what matters, but as a casual user who mostly used the site to show friends and customers the cool variants that exist I'm done. Hope you can make it not needlessly complicated to browse or another site pops up that uses the simple approach you had before.
Hello. We have addressed this topic in more detail in one of the above comments already, explaining the challenge to make it right for everyone. Also we have created a list of all the things we realize need improvement and have started looking into already. You can find the "known issues" list in our FAQ (Site Footer). In case you are only missing the lists from our old website you might be happy to hear that we have started bringing them back in even more detail in our article section. The N64 console variations are already finished.
Peace. Greetings from Tokyo. Please retain the user friendliness and simplicity of the former version in your future updates. Things are so mixed up, its hard to navigate.
This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.


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