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07 September 2023 , by Consolevariations Introducing Marketplace - Discover Deals and Auctions Deals & auctions. Tailored to your wishlist.

Introducing Marketplace - Discover Deals and Auctions

Remember that we teased a big new feature in our previous blog post? Today we are rolling it out! We are thrilled to introduce the Marketplace, which makes it easier than ever before to grow your gaming collection. Discover deals, auctions and receive eBay recommendations tailored to your wishlist. Let's dive into this brand new feature!

The Marketplace Page

You can find a new tab in the navigation bar which will redirect you to the Marketplace page. This page briefly explains the feature and gives you an overview of auctions and Buy it Now listings of all console, controllers, kiosks, prototypes and dev kits. Summarized, the page features the following

Last Minute Auctions - There are plenty of websites such as eBay, that have auctions running all the time. We are bundling all relevant ones and provide a list with auctions that almost expire. This tool is ideal to snatch the best deal before time runs out.

Personalised eBay listings and Auctions - most collectors have a long wishlist of items they would love to collect, which is why we have introduced the wishlist features years ago. We are now taking the next step by actively helping you to obtain your most desired items. The page features eBay Buy it Now listings and currently running auctions which are both 100% tailored to your wishlist. You can also find this info on your wishlist page.

Filter Preferred Markets - By default, we are showing you all listings on Amazon US and eBay USA, Germany and UK. It is also possible to filter on your favourite store location by using the market checkboxes at the top of the page.

Combining the Database and Marketplace

The database pages of Consolevariations are the beating heart of the website and the central place to find information on every game collectible in existence. Today, we are expanding on this by integrating the Marketplace seamlessly into the database pages. 

First of all, we have two new filters:

In Auction - See all collectibles that currently have an auction running
• Recent Listings - See all collectibles that have been listed on eBay in the past month

You can now filter on recent eBay listings and running auctions within the database.
You can now filter on recent eBay listings and running auctions within the database.

We also have a new "Check Prices" button for each collectible:

The new "Check Prices" button. It will pulse when there is a live auction going on.
The new "Check Prices" button. It will pulse when there is a live auction going on.

If you click on this button, you will see a popup with eBay search buttons, listings and auctions. The prices you see will automatically be adjusted according to your preferred currency, so you never have to convert the prices yourself.

Find all marketplace related info in the popup.
Find all marketplace related info in the popup.

We think the combination of the database and the marketplace integration can be quite powerful. For example: are you searching for the latest Nintendo 64 deals? Simply start browsing Nintendo, select Nintendo 64 and use the marketplace filters.

The first step

We tried to make the marketplace as useful as possible by packing it full with features. We're happy with the results and we can't wait to expand the features for the Marketplace even more in the future. In order to make the best Marketplace as possible, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Check out the marketplace page here. For now, as always: happy collecting! 



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