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07 August 2017 , by Consolevariations FIRST DAY : POKEMON WEEK !!


Hi everyone,

This week will be all about Pokmon systems and you will all understand why with our Tonight's post !

CV and Pokmaniak Collection Will present to you the TOP 7 of the rarest Pokmon Systems and hopefully you will enjoy it !

On our first day , we are gonna talk about the Nintendo DS Lite World Championship 2008 , Nintendo DSi World championship 2009 and the Nintendo DSi XL World Championship 2010.

As you may know , all of them are very rare , you could win them by participating at the Pokmon Championships in Orlando, San Diego and Hawaii.

COLORWARE , a very famous Custom Company made those gorgeous systems.

Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite Orange color were 146 Made ( 50 for the Video Games and 96 for the Trading Card games )

The Nintendo DSi Blue/white
The Nintendo DSi Blue/white

The Nintendo DSi Blue/white were 102 Made ( 6 for the Video Games and 96 for the Trading Card Games )

Nintendo DSi XL
Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL were 112 Made ( 96 for the Trading Card Games and 16 for the Video Games )

They all have their own logo and own box.

The charger and manuals inside the boxes depend of the winner ( Japanese, American, European .. )


i love all these pokemon variants!!!


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