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  • sam-rustam
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    looking for rockstar games consoles

    If anyone is looking to sell any rockstar games related consoles, i would be interesting in buying them from you, please message me. I am new to this website so i am not sure if one will be able to send personal messages, but drop a comment and we can figure it out.

    Welcome to CV! We have plenty of Rockstar Consoles on the site!

    You can add them to your watchlist, and go to the Marketplace where they might be for sale!

    Or else there are direct ebay links under the console. maybe you can bookmark them!

    Shortly you can also recieve emails with items that are for sale based on your watchlist.

    I hope you manage to get some cool Rockstar consoles soon!

    👍 1

    The coolest one is probably the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Rockstar Console . It's also one of the rarest GBA SP models ever made, but man it's so sleek.


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