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  • SuperLanden205
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    I think I’ve might’ve discovered something no other American has.

    Japanese Text I can’t understand 
    Japanese Text I can’t understand 

    So, to add context, I made myself a Japanese Nintendo Account to get the Japanese NSO Consoles (Hey, it’s not illegal if they allow it), and one thing that I noticed while on their website is that you can make your own Switch bundle. Your own Joy-Con bundle, wrist straps, dock, and even add extras like another pair of Joy-Cons (Aren’t customizable), Pro Controller, NSO Subscription, and even a select game! This also allows for Joy-Cons that aren’t normally available. Like a color that normally on the left that you can do on the right. This is a crazy discovery of mine and I hope they bring it over soon.

    Also, Funny thing is that i use my main Switch account to play the NSO Consoles, and on my page, it shows that I played them :/

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    When I saw the title, I tough you wanted to talk about Metric system :p

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    😂 2

    That's so cool! Nintendo still showering any region but North America with cool oddities like this.

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