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10 mei 2020 , door Consolevariations The Lost PlayStation Store

The Lost PlayStation Store

The lost PlayStation Store

The first and only PlayStation Store was located in the Sony Metreon, an $85 million "Urban Entertainment Complex" opened in San Francisco on June 16, 1999. Though the store did well initially (with plans to open eight more in various US cities) a decline in traffic over the years led to a major overhaul of the entire complex.

In the renovation process the complex was converted into a more generic mall and the only Playstation store was shut down only 10 years after opening. (1999-2009)

Source: y2kaestheticinstitute

The Entrance
The Entrance
The Gaming Bar
The Gaming Bar
The Outside
The Outside


Man, image if this were still here... I think it would do well, and encourage other companies such as Nintendo to follow suit!
is the heaven ???? rsrsr This´s crazy my man so amazing place


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