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Nintendo Wii 24k Gold Royal Wii Console

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you 75 people want this
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  • Flag for country code gb United Kingdom
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 1
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Limited Edition
Contest Prize
Color Gold
Is Bundle

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  • Was made for the Queen of England.
  • Given to Buckingham Palace as part of a marketing stunt by THQ to promote BIG Family Games
  • Console is made out of 24K plated gold
  • People Make Games made a great video about this console



There should be a thing for rarer console to have you post evidence you own and not just adding it to advance your level.
We designed the level system in a way that users that try to abuse the system get nothing out of it in the end. They cannot reach max level, only sincere active users can achieve this by their contributions. The flag system when someone owns everything might need some adjustments. We have our eyes open for users like this and will take action if necessary. Thanks for the heads up.
So many people have the golden wii! How is this possible? only one is made .. :O
Must be a duplication glitch
probably one person had it, then they sold it to another person, and that person sold it to another person, blah blah blah you get the idea
No it's a joke, good sir. The user above, Don, was the previous owner.

Actually, no one owns the wii now because Queen Elizabeth II took it to the grave with her.

how much is this worth in gold?
It’s probably priceless.
We be playing Wii Sports good tonight!
I personally believe it's just gold plated, and gold plating isnt very expensive at all. This is certainly worth more as a collector's piece than it is for its Gold.
I assume that too, because the wii remote is scratched, and the scratches reveal under the gold some white.
So was this sold or not? I only just happened to see the blogpost about it being up for sale, and trying to google it showed a bunch of articles that popped up to announce it was getting listed on ebay. But nowhere can I find an article that says it actually got sold to someone.
No, it wasn't sold at all. The price the console was listed on eBay was of 300 thousand dollars, but eBay's terms and conditions changed, which requires you to have a very high feedback to sell something for that price. It might be re-listed soon, with another account.
I see, that would definitely cause some issues, I can see why they would implement such policies to prevent abuse though. I do still kinda hope he doesn't sell it though, it's such an amazing collector's piece.


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