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Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Thomas & Betts Console

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  • Flag for country code us United States
  • Flag for country code de Germany
Release Type
Amount Produced Exact 50
Region Code
Region Free
Limited Edition
Color Blue
Is Bundle

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  • Given away by Thomas & Betts inc.
  • 50 units were given away in a company raffle



I have one of these. I found it in a retro game shop in my hometown in the UK. People who sold it didn't know anything about it or the person who traded it in.
Wow, lucky find :)
Dude, you are so lucky!
Added a picture for approval
You can find these rare consoles in some of the weirdest places, thrift stores are a good place to look, but sometimes you can find them in garage sales, attics, basements, and even churches, where people just forgot them.
Yeah I know what you mean. Luckily my hometown has a great retro game shop and I am friends with the owner. Usually he lets me know if anything interesting comes in. Will start documenting the things I have on CV, but this is definitely one of the most obscure...
Nice! The only ones I have are either far away and expensive, or they don't have too much, though the latter does have some cool stuff from time to time. I got a Mario plate from Japan and a BUNCH of Nintendo power for almost nothing!
I got one from a friend as screen and speaker need fixing/replacement and he's not much into gameboys. Any idea what this one could sell for?
Couldn't find any sales myself. Since only few are made you can expect a high price from some GB collectors out there.
One is for sale here in Belgium ebay fo 2200 euros.... guess with these things its worth whatever ppl will pay.


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