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20 November 2017 , by Consolevariations Why are these N64 controllers so rare?

Why are these N64 controllers so rare?

In this post we will look at some very rare N64 Controllers and try to explain what makes them so scarce and valuable. We will also talk about values in terms of actual selling prices.

DK BananaController (Nintendo Power)

- Release Region: USA

- Available through Nintendo Power Magazine, it was part of a Donkey Kong promotion

- This controller stands out through its unique banana tip style ends

- Prices range from 60$ - 150$ depending on condition

NintendoPower 100 Controller (Nintendo Power)

- Release Region: USA

- Was also only available as part of a Nintendo Power Magazine promotion, commemorating the 100th issue of the magazine

- This controller stands out through its unique Nintendo Power 100 logo at the top

- Prices range from 80$ - 200$ depending on condition

Millennium 2000Controller (Nintendo Power)

- Release Region: USA

- This Controller was available as part of a Nintendo Power promotion commemorating the year 2000

- Unique silver design with black buttons. It is indeed the only controller with differently colored buttons

- With only 1000 made It is the rarest of the 3 Nintendo Power Magazine Controllers

- These tend to sell arround 300$ - 400$ with prices going up to 850$ for new ones

E3 StarfoxCompetition Controller (aka Golden N Controller)

- Release Region: USA

- Often considered to be the holy grail of N64 controller collecting

- It was only available at E3 1997 in Atlanta by winning the StarFox 4 Player Competition on stage.

- Nobody knows how many of these were given out

- It is so rare that it is estimated that less than 50 were given out

- currently only roughly 15 of them are known to be in collectors hands.

- These are for sale so rarely that it is hard to put a price tag on them. However when a collector decides to sell one, prices always go up again. We know of collectors that paid more than 2000$ for theirs. However you can still get lucky as one sold for 200$ 3 years ago on eBay. As far as we know this was also the last one seen that was added to the pool of already existing so that's just how rare it is

All Nintendo Power Magazine Items are considered to be official Nintendo items since the magazine was published in house at the time. As is the E3 since Nintendo gave it out on their own event. Please be aware that these are very rare but not necessarily the rarest of them all. They are other N64 controllers that are considered equally or even more rare that we might cover in the future.


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