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29 August 2017 , by Consolevariations The Xbox One Titanfall Edition, questions answered!

The Xbox One Titanfall Edition, questions answered!

Back in 2013 at the launch of the Xbox One console

a Limited Edition was made with a Titanfall theme. but due unknown reasons it was cancelled.
What happened to it? How many where made? Why this epic console was cancelled? We have the answers for you!

At Gamescom 2017, we talked to the head designer of Microsoft's Xbox and we asked all these questions regarding this Titanfall Xbox one console! He was amazed by our site and there were consoles on there that he didn't knew it existed! He explained a lot of info on Xbox One consoles and also told us some colors that where never in stores! He will contact us soon regarding these unreleased colors and why they where never released.. but lets start with this amazing console!

His answers where the following:

Q: Why was this console cancelled?

A: The Console was canceled when the Xbox one was going to be released, we did not found it appropriate to release 2 limited edition on the launch date of the Xbox One together with the

Day-One-Edition. Titanfall was also not known back in the days so we only mass-produced the controller

Q: So what happened to the console?

A: We gave them away the console to the developers who worked on Titanfall. and some we kept in Microsoft HQ

Q: So how many where made?

A: We made a total of 300 consoles, and we kept around 30 of them they rest where given away

So here you have it! All the questions answered for you! If you have any more questions for us, let us know and we`ll pass it on!

Also if you want to know about how many Xbox One console exist. just go to our Xbox page!


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