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09 June 2017 , by Consolevariations The Xbox One Prototype

The Xbox One Prototype

Nope, we don`t have this one on the site, This happened in 2013


25-year-old Jia Li ordered himself a new laptop onthe MicrosoftStore way back in March 2013, only to receive a top secret prototype for the as-then unannounced Xbox One.

When the package did eventually show up at his door, it had security tape all over it and contained the secretive box.

The Xbox One wasnt officially unveiled until May 2013, and Li says the version he received had a zebra print pattern apparently common practice in the console prototype business to make them harder to photograph. Its also to stop them from being eatenby Lions in the wild.


just stumbled upon this one. there are 2 variations of that controller: one with a black, one with a white jewel. guess which one came with the console... and then guess which one works with the console ;-) (btw, there are at least two different versions of the zebra)
Looks like WW2 dazzle camouflage.


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