The man behind the thousand famicom systems

Written by Consolevariations - Jul 27, 2017

Yesterday we had a FaceBook post that got quite a large amount of attention!
A picture with thousands of consoles including but not limited to Famicom, Super Famicom, NeoGeo and dozens of others.
Not to mention that was only a part of a picture!
So we dug deeper and got answers for the questions you were asking! "Where the hell did he get it from!?" and, "What the hell is he going to do with them?!"
Well, keep reading to find out!

Radiostock, a Japanese company founded by Yutaka Ishii in 1998, specializes in liquidating the assets of bankrupt companies.
Which includes disposal and recycling of unneeded stuff from wholesalers inventory and closed shops!
They don`t exclusively buy all the consoles they see and resell them 'as is'. Instead they fix them, clean them by hand and resell them to a better home!
Some consoles even come equipped with an AV mod, like their Sega Mega Drives, for higher fidelity video output. With this mod retro consoles look much better on modern televisions.

The primary mission of the Radiostock company is to make retro games more easily accessible to consumer markets.
Radiostock employees are recovering scrapped and discontinued generations of game consoles and related equipment, refurbishing the hardware and reintroducing it to the consumer market.
We at ConsoleVariations love to hear about companies that are bringing back retro =)
Though, unfortunately they only sell on the Japanese market!  
You can buy all their hardware here:
Enjoy some additional pictures of this wonderful warehouse because we love you =)