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26 September 2017 , by Consolevariations The Game Boy Singer variations

The Game Boy Singer variations

So you have high likely heard that there is a Sewing machine for the Game Boy! Well, do you know how many variations there are? Below we have them all listed for you!

Let's start with the 3 'original' colors that was promoted on there original website (here)

3 colors are displayed, blue, teal, and orange, So far we have never seen an orange singer! High likely it was not released because there is no matching Game Boy Color color.

Here is an other teal variation and this one has the box! The box is super rare! why would you keep a box of a sewing singer right?

Here are 3 more colors, red, smoke, and green (green one unconfirmed, could be a decolored teal but we are still investigating!

Finally there is a luxurious version released and so far we know only one color of it.

This is the XJaguar Singer. it even has a docking for your Game Boy Color!


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