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28 September 2017 , by Consolevariations Taiwanese N64 controller found after 20 years!

Taiwanese N64 controller found after 20 years!

Okay, this topic might be a little bit specific but hear us out. On of the admins of is a huge N64 controller nerd. He actually has 32/32 N64 Controller variations CIB, including everyone of the top rarest. But because this was not enough he started collecting solid controllers from all around the world.

The controllers are all the same 6 colors but the text on the box is different according to the country they sold in. Releases include: England, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazilbut also Scandinavia, BeNeLux and of course Japan. For the longest time it was suspected that the Asian regions all got the Japanese style packaging. 10 years ago someone discovered a slightly different Hong Kong version with English on the box. A few years ago the Hyundai Comboy controller from Korea was discovered, but we still could not verify the packaging.

Now after 20 years the first Taiwanese N64 controller surfaced with Chinese writing on the box. As of this point nobody knows if all colors were released in Taiwan. However it is very interesting how much more the Asian market is hiding from us potentially and how hard it is to gather information even after everything is so globalized now.

Here a few pics in comparison with a Japanese version. (JAP =left / TAW = right)


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