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20 November 2017 , by Consolevariations Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle goes through the roof!

Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle goes through the roof!

It is not a secret that the switch is a huge success, it sold almost 5 million units already worldwide. If you combine the switch sales with the 3DS sales Nintendo currently accounts for 2/3 of all the video game console sales in the entire Unites States. In Japan, Nintendo sold 80.000 switch units in only 7 days. Just to compare thisSony sold only 20.000 PS4 systems in the same time period. (Source)

But we are, so of course we will focus on variations and bundles. Last month we already wrote about the Super Mario Odyssey Bundle being one of our favorite Switch Packs. The dark red really goes well as a color and you get a lot of extra stuff, at least with the Japanese and American version. (both have case and Japanese has Stickers)

But guess what: Of the 80.000 stitch consoles sold in Japan, 24000 where Super Mario Odyssey Bundles. We cant find any numbers for Europe and North America but taking into account that both regions have significantly more population and of course the games success (place 18 on Metacritic) we would have to assume that it was sold over 50.000 times already.

50.000 is a little bit of an rough estimate but in any case it is one of the most sold bundles Nintendo has ever made.


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