Still cute though - Top 10 cutest consoles!

Written by Consolevariations - Sep 10, 2017

Top 10 cutest Game Consoles (Part 1)

Okay, let's do this list for a change and some fun. Every so often a console hits the shelves that doesn’t really seem to fit anywhere. Sometimes video game companies and their designers are super brave, just want to try something new or have a specific target market they want to address. Over the years a number of consoles were released that were somewhat odd, scary, weirdly shaped and so on.

One very interesting “theme” are surely the cute consoles out there. If intentional or not, we are going to choose our Top 10 of the cutest video game consoles out there.

10. Pokemon Mini - Hello Kitty

9. Sony PSP - Hatsume Miku

8. Sony PS3 - Final Fantasy XII 2

7. 3DS - New Love Plus Manaka Deluxe

6. 3ds - Dragon Quest Monsters

You can find detailed information to all of these consoles in our database. Stay tuned for part 2 in the upcoming week. Which one is your favorite?