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01 September 2017 , by Consolevariations Sony Announced 3 New PlayStation 4 Controllers!

Sony Announced 3 New PlayStation 4 Controllers!

They are in the colors of Red, Clear, and Blue!

The clear controller was actually already released, so what is the difference? we`ll take a closer look!

Below, you see the 2 PS4 Crystal Controllers side by side. the big difference is the LED bar on top. that is new in the 2017 version, The touchpad is different as well the 2017 model has multitouch! We also got a confirmation that on the 2017 controller the speaker is replaced with a better quality speaker.

and when you look real close, you notice that inside the controller. the rumbles 'engines' looks different! For some strange reason, this controller will be released anywhere, but Russia..

Now for the red and blue controller, these are new variations!

These are also the 2017 model but unfortunately this controller will not be released in the UK.

Thanks to these controller we now have 38 different PS4 controllers on the site! Want to check them all out? check our PlayStation 4 Controller Variation page!

Also for our random trivia of the day, in Japan there was a dark-crystal controller released! it's the original model. and it's darker then the other crystal controllers!


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