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10 June 2019 , by Consolevariations Project Scarlett - Microsoft's next generation XBOX console announced

Project Scarlett - Microsoft's next generation XBOX console announced

"We heard you. A console should be designed and built and optimized for one thing and one thing only: Gaming!" The opening words of Microsoft's Entertainment Manager Phill Spencer at the E3 Briefing were everything we wanted to hear.

Announced Specs:

The hardware is 4x as powerful than the Xbox One X

Up to 120 FPS

8K Resolution

Ray Tracing

Newest AMD Zen-2-Processors and Navi Technology graphics

New SSD Generation (Will be used as Virtual Ram)

The loading times are extremely low in comparison

For a second we thought this is the new design
For a second we thought this is the new design

The Event
The hype about Microsoft's new Xbox was huge. Before the event even started fans figured out that several tweets spelled the hidden word "SCARLETT" and Microsoft will present their next generation Xbox console this E3.

The entire announcement trailer reminded us a lot of the early Apple clips. The protagonists were building up the hype whilst talking about their gaming needs and how the new console can fulfill them along with many "hover over" shots of the hardware. Statements like "This is the most immersive gaming experience ever" & "This isn't just a console launch, this is about the future of gaming" made the presentation a little bit cheesy.

In the middle of the trailer a black and white circle that looked very much like a circular Xbox rolled into the screen which we had instantly mistaken for the new system design. However, after a short discussion we figured out we will not get the "XCircle", rather it was likely the letter "S" from "SCARLETT". So regarding the design we still have to be patient.

What else was announced?

The launch of the new console will likely be at the end of 2020

The launch title of the new system will likely be Halo Infinite

A new Xbox Elite Controller was announced

Over 60 games were shown at the event itself (over 1000 are in development)

New Cloud Services that look very promising

Many Studios have been connected via the new technology already

Game development for next gen has already started

The next gen console can be or will be utilized as a free server

This post will be updated - please keep in mind that many of these announcements might be subject to change in the future. For now we know for sure that the next Gen console is coming and it will be a major improvement overall with a strong focus on better loading times, improved hardware and all new cloud services.

Microsoft E3 Briefing
Microsoft E3 Briefing


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