Did You Know Gaming Limited Edition Consoles & More

Written by Don - Sep 24, 2020

Did you know gaming?

We teamed up with the madly successful and equaly amazing Youtube Channel "Did you know gaming" to spotlight some of the rarest Nintendo systems around.

You should check out their video on Youtube LINK here

Our Database

In this post we'll show you where you can find all the information about each system shown in the video. If you are into specs our Details Pages offer a quick facts sheet featuring:

  • Rarity Scores
  • User Scores
  • How many users own/want a system
  • Release regions
  • Availability Check
  • An entire arrangement of different filters
  • And much more

It is even possible to organise systems by color. Just one example. If you feel like joining our growing community feel free to create your personal account:

  • Free collection management system
  • Add new images & systems
  • Comment and discuss
  • Gain Achievements and medals
  • Gain XP and level your Avatar

1. Nintendo DS Mario 64 Console

2. Nintendo 64 ANA Console

3. Nintendo DS Advance Wars Dual Strike Press Kit

4. Nintendo DSI Mc Donald's Console

5. Nintendo Switch L.A Noire Console

6. Nintendo DS Hot Summer Donkey Kong Console

7. New Nintendo 3DS LL Puzzles and Dragons International Championships Console

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