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12 August 2017 , by Consolevariations 6TH DAY Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball CoroCoro Comics edition

6TH DAY Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball CoroCoro Comics edition

On our 6th day , Game Boy Color Pokmon Pinball CoroCoro Comics edition will be introduced !

Looks like a simple GBC with a sticker right?^^

But it's a real and very limited system , you have to enter a contest in a magazine named CoroCoro Comics in 1999 ,a contest related to the game Pokmon Pinball on Game Boy Color.

The system is in Green Color on the front and Totally White on the back !

On the front we can notice the logo of the Pokmon Pinball game with a Pikachu on the middle of the system.

A total of 20 MADE were created , it is the rarest Game Boy Color Pokmon ever created and the hardest one to find !

what do you think about that one ? do you own it??

Feel free to comment, share as always

Thanks for your support , we really appreciate it and will continue to make this Website Number one x).

We are gonna show more details on Gamescom 2017 about this GBC , so don't hesitate to come !

See you tomorrow for our last day of the Pokmon week !


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