6TH DAY Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball CoroCoro Comics edition

Written by Consolevariations - Aug 12, 2017

On our 6th day , Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball CoroCoro Comics edition will be introduced !

Looks like a simple GBC with a sticker right?^^

But it's a real and very limited system , you have to enter a contest in a magazine named CoroCoro Comics in 1999 , a contest related to the game Pokémon Pinball on Game Boy Color.

The system is in Green Color on the front and Totally White on the back !

On the front we can notice the logo of the Pokémon Pinball game with a Pikachu on the middle of the system.

A total of 20 MADE were created , it is the rarest Game Boy Color Pokémon ever created and the hardest one to find !

what do you think about that one ? do you own it?? 

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We are gonna show more details on Gamescom 2017 about this GBC , so don't hesitate to come !

See you tomorrow for our last day of the Pokémon week !