Nintendo GameCube Heineken Black Console

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Nintendo GameCube Heineken Black Console

Quick Facts
  • Unlicensed release
  • Region code: NTSC-U/C
  • 50 of this variation were made
  • Lottery Prize
  • United States
Additional Info
  • Black console with Heineken logo on it
  • Promo seen on the on the  Magazine "Vibe" of issue September 2002
  • Promo also to be seen in the Sports magazijn "Sports Illustrated " of issue August 2002
  • To enter the sweepstakes, people had to to the Heineken website and fill in an online form.
  • The contest was until the end of October 31, 2002 and the winner was being picked at random on November 15, 2002
  • In this contest, participents could also win a Heineken Football Jersey
  • Ages were for age 21 and above, and no part of the prize includes beer or alcoholic beverages.
  • According to the promotional flyers, 50 units of each color (Black / Indigo) were made.
  • This model is a DOL-001 system

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