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  • SuperLanden205
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    Time to rant about the PlayStation 5!

    So, I feel like everyone on this website knows the back words compatibility of the PS5 only being able to go back to the PS4. You’ll see people on TikTok or YouTube Shorts whining about this, and how the XboX SeRiEs X cAn pLaY EvErY gEnErAtIoN. First of all, that is correct but not at the same time. How Microsoft does backwards compatibility is via updating the library of titles, meaning only a few select titles are compatible.  Second, the reason why the PS5 doesn't have any backwards compatibility is because of how most people don’t use it. Why waste time and money on something no one will use? In my opinion, I’d rather just get the original consoles the games go to. It has the original controllers, ports, etc, or it’s just my collector brain, I don’t know!

    Rant over, Sega Genesis Speakers. THERE. I SAID IT.

    Well there is always the dreamcast 2

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