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  • Redconsole123
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    Looking to see on interested parties for selling my Unused ComicCon Hitman special edition

    Just reaching out to those who listed as interested on the page as I am trying to sell it but I don't see how to otherwise dm people on here. Also open to anyone else interested.




    Device is still mint inside of its original box from Mint condition, handled with gloves for the pictures in a sterile environment. Story of it being a canceled ComicCon 2015 special version that ended up in Microsoft's back room makes it a one of a kind device for your collection!

    Post it on the discord buy-and-sell channel! Youll need a picture of it IRL too with a name or something, just for proof of ownership :3

    Hi, and thanks for tagging me on your interest in finding an interested buyer for your rare and very desirable Hitman collector console. Just wanted to give you a quick comment to acknowledge that I recieved an email alerting me to your post.

    In a better economy I'd be in a better financial position to spend on such a fine XBOX console, but at present I must save for the rainy days and nights ahead. Wishing you success in a satifactory sale.

    Thanks again!


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