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  • SuperLanden205
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    I just wanna know, has anyone ever won a raffle for a special edition Xbox from Microsoft? I’m curious.

    Now I’m a person who uses Microsoft Rewards regularly (Hey, it can get me Xbox currency, so shut up), and I usually see the raffles for Xbox’s, usually special editions. If anyone of you won one of these, let me know! I’m curious to see if any of you were lucky enough to score one of these.

    I’ve tried these raffles myself. I didn’t do ones for special editions, rather, I tried to win a Series S, and a bundle of a Series X with an Elite Controller, a memory card, 12 months of game pass, and a $500 Xbox Gift card (I think that was what the bundle had). Sadly, I never won those two. Let me tell you, my life would be different if I won that Series S. For starters, I’d have a Series S.

    On the discord, I think there is 1 or 2 peoples who already won a limited edition


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